shiny new year = shiny new blog


So I decided to start this blog over. No real reason except for the fact that all the other posts from before were so boring I wanted to cry (and I’m sure the people who were reading those posts secretly did too). Anyway, I deleted them all, and here we are. Hello shiny new theme! Hello shiny new bio! Hello shiny new posts! I’m still not entirely sure what this blog will be about, but that’s the fun part of starting over, eh? I will promise you two things:

  1. This blog will be honest. In some of the posts I did in the past, I realized what I was writing and what I was feeling a lot of the time were two different things. So no more of that hokey-ness. I will try not to scare you guys, though being honest can be.
  2. There will be a lot of variety. Because, ya know, if it wasn’t obvious, this blog is going to deal with my thoughts…and I have a lot of thoughts.

And one final thing – I will try hard to keep updating this regularly. It will be hard because that will require me sitting still long enough to type up posts and considering my energy level is usually either at zero or squirrel, that’s not always possible. But I’m really going to try. I hope you’ll stick around on this blogging journey with me, and thanks for wasting precious seconds of your life reading this! You deserve a medal. (No but really, you do).


3 Responses to “shiny new year = shiny new blog”

  1. All the best to a fresh start!

  2. Welcome, and I can’t wait to read your future posts!*hugs*

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