life update: bear envy, smitten kitten, criminal-sitting, and scavenger hunts


I know the feels, brah

It’s times like this I wish I was a bear.

The whole stuff your face, crawl up in a den, and sleep for the entire winter thing seems like the best idea in the world, and I’m not quite convinced I shouldn’t be  doing that right now, considering how hard it’s been to keep my eyes open for the past couple weeks. Maybe I’m part bear. Maybe I should just stay under my covers from now until April (if we’re lucky and spring actually decides to start in April), and forego the whole ‘trudging through the streets to get to class in 30 degree weather, bundled up in four layers and STILL able to feel the cold’ deal that’s happening in Seattle right now. Maybe.

School is the main reason I haven’t been able to update this blog until now. I’ve only been here two weeks, but it already feels like months. So with school here, the bad news is that I have practically no time to do anything. The good news, though, is that now that school’s started up again, I may have a couple more interesting things to post about. Assuming my life is actually interesting (which it’s not most of the time, but so far this quarter is looking to be a decent one, which is odd considering winter quarter is typically the butt crack of the school year).

The first two weeks back weren’t quite as stressful as I thought they would be, but they were definitely hectic. Class-wise, I’m thinking my Western American Lit class is going to be my favorite this quarter…for more reasons than just that I enjoy American Literature and I’m interested in learning more about Westerns. I seem to have become smitten with a guy in that class and while I’m not sure I’ll ever actually speak to him (and so far he hasn’t come up to me telling me he’s some supernatural creature and I’m his soul mate, ‘coincidentally’ shown up in every place that I am, or rescued me from certain doom – darn you YA books for lying to me!), it’s been a while since a guy at my school has caught my attention, so it’s a nice, foreign, warm feeling to have, even if the thought of crushing on someone does sort of make me want to cringe.

I also got back into babysitting once again. I sat for a new family on Saturday, and at first I was excited for it. The kids were ages 7 and 8 and since I usually sit for kids younger than that, I was excited to play some of the games I thought the older kids might enjoy. Also, the family was French, and considering how I’m in the process of learning French myself, I thought we might have a connection there. Well. The fort-building, the hide and seek and the tickle-tag I was prepared for. The game of “let’s kill the babysitter,” the smothering me with pillows, attempts to lock me in the bathroom, threats to put me in the wall with the “other babysitters,” and tying me up in a chair to “interrogate me” not so much. Odd enough, even though I’m fairly certain I babysat criminals and not children, I am hoping to be booked for this family again. These kids may have got the best of me this time around, but next time I will be prepared. I’ve got a new motivation to learn French.

Last thing: me and a good friend of mine have declared this quarter a quarter of adventure wherein we shall explore all the uncharted areas of Washington State! (or something like that). We’re looking for some seriously awesome things to plan, and a different friend of mine mentioned we look at geocaching as a way to aid us in this. I seriously know nothing about it other than it’s sort of like a massive scavenger hunt type thing, but it seems fun, and I’m hoping it’ll be something we can get into. Anyone out there tried it before? What did you think? More on that later I suppose.

Anyway, there are a number of other things I’m in the process of doing (internships, volunteer work, new jobs, a hunt for a new church, etc.), but I think I’ll save that for the next life post.

Stay lovely guys!


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