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It’s times like this I wish I was a bear. The whole stuff your face, crawl up in a den, and sleep for the entire winter thing seems like the best idea in the world, and I’m not quite convinced I shouldn’t be ┬ádoing that right now, considering how hard it’s been to keep my […]

I am going to finish a novel this year. I am. For real. No excuses, no chickening out. I’ve picked what I want to write, and I’m going to stick with it. (Hint: I’ve actually never finished a novel in my life, so this is really big for me). I just have a feeling about […]

So I decided to start this blog over. No real reason except for the fact that all the other posts from before were so boring I wanted to cry (and I’m sure the people who were reading those posts secretly did too). Anyway, I deleted them all, and here we are. Hello shiny new theme! […]